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Your Pillowcase May Be As Dirty As A Toilet Seat!

Researchers swabbed 40 pillowcases and toilet seats and found that the bacteria on each was so similar the samples were virtually indistinguishable!

Dirty Pillowcases Cause Blemishes!

Dermatologists recommend changing your pillowcase every 2-3 days. How often do you wash yours? What if you could do something else?


Introducing the Nufabrx Pillowcase

for Blemish Prone Skin!

Our Nufabrx Pillowcase is handcrafted from the finest bamboo fibers and infused with natural skin remedies to create a spa-quality, anti-microbial, hypoallergenic pillowcase. Innovative microencapsulation technology allows our all natural scientifically formulated serum containing lavender, lemon balm, tea tree oil and wintergreen oil to remain embedded within the fibers of the pillowcase wash after wash. The perfect amount of our proprietary natural serum is slowly released nightly, keeping your skin fresh and clean.

In a study, tea tree oil was shown to be nearly as effective as 5% Benzoyl Peroxide. In another independent study, Nufabrx Pillowcase was shown to reduce the bacteria P. acnes by 91.5% over a 24-hour period. With added aromatherapeutic ingredients you can indulge in a worry free rest, and wake to a clear face.

Your Perfect Skin Is Just a Dream Away!


  • Kristy F. Fleming, MD, FAAD

    As a board-certified dermatologist who specializes in acne, I am very pleased with the creation of the Nufabrx pillowcase. Propionibacterium acnes is a contributing factor in the formation and persistence of acne and the ability of Nufabrx to decrease P. acnes has made this pillowcase a welcome part of my treatment regimen.

    This product contains tea tree oil, lavender, lemon balm, and wintergreen, so I do advise all consumers not to use this product if you have a known allergy to any of these substances. This product should be discontinued if the consumer develops a rush, as this may be a sign of allergic contact dermatitis. 

    Kristy F. Fleming, MD, FAAD
    Dermatologist and Dermatologic Surgeon

  • Live Clean


    The packaging is simple + well designed. It definitely sets the tone for a luxurious product experience. When I first opened the package, the smell of the pillowcase was strong. I initially wondered, will I be able to sleep with this? But a few minutes into our first night together dissuaded all my woes, I was hooked! – Live Clean + Get Clear Holistically


  • CRichmanFreebies

    “I am amazed at the fragrance of this pillow, very relaxing to sleep on, from the essential oils in it. I have slept on it for approximately a week now, and have not had any breakouts whatsoever! It is extremely soft, and felt amazing against my face. It helped me sleep more comfortably throughout the night as well.” - Anti Acne Pillowcase Review by CRichmanFreebies

  • We Blog The World

    Personally, I think this is an incredibly creative and innovative idea that could really help to reduce acne when used on a regular basis. Why wasn’t this around when I traveled through SE Asia with a backpack in my twenties? - We Blog The World

  • From Our Customer

    “I have been suffering from breakouts since getting pregnant with my daughter (she is now a year old). First day smell was a bit strong but now I love it and wish it were stronger. My skin seems to be a bit better but it is probably too early to tell. I think the smell helps relax me and I like to rub the pillowcase a little to bring out the smell as I try to fall asleep.”

  • From Our Customer

    “I’ve been struggling with acne on the outer edges of my face/cheeks – I’ve heard changing your pillowcase frequently can help this problem and after investigating the problem, Nufabrx Pillowcase seemed to be perfect!
    Although I have not seen many notifiable differences as of now, my skin does feel noticeably drier in the morning which I am convinced will help in the long run.”

  • From Our Customer

    “The product feels like it was made with quality components. It was elegantly packaged and very pleasing to open and begin using.”

  • Amazon Reviews

    I bought this for my 12 year old son with pretty severe acne. Within a week or two of sleeping on this pillowcase, there was a marked improvement in his skin. He loves not having to do any work to take care of himself, and I love the no-chemical, completely easy acne care.

    Read all reviews at the Amazon Website.

  • Into The Gloss

    It’s right there in the name. This ‘case’s bamboo fiber fabric is antimicrobial and imbued with a bunch of acne-fighting essential oils, including tea tree, lavender, and wintergreen. So not only can it help clear up your skin, it’s like sleeping on a pile of herbs and Trident. You literally wake up minty fresh on top of this thing, and your hair will never smell any less than freshly washed in a spruce forest creek. - Into The Gloss

  • From Our Customer

    I am absolutely thrilled with my Nufabrx pillowcase.  I have battled acne since my teenage years.  I have tried EVERYTHING!  I am now 46 and have wondered if I’ll ever be free of acne.

    Just last night my husband commented how good (clear) my skin was looking!  I had to agree!  The ONLY thing I have changed is sleeping on my Nufabrx pillowcase.  In fact, I am going to stop using the continuous cycle of antibiotics I’ve been on.

    My only concern came when I washed the pillow case.  I followed the guidelines on the tag.  I washed it in the hand wash cycle, inside out, and used woollite.  I laid it out to dry.  But after 9 hrs it was still a little damp and I was ready for bed.  I tossed the “very slightly damp” into the dryer on the AIR ONLY cycle – no heat.  10 minutes later when I removed the pillow case it had really shrank!  It hardly fits over my standard pillow now.

    Kelli K.

  • From Our Customer

    I have had these for a few weeks and so far I am loving these pillowcases! I have already noticed a difference and the smell is great.

    Fabian M.

Nufabrx Pillowcase

Nufabrx Pillowcase

for Blemish Prone Skin


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Refund Policy: We have put years into development of our product. We are quite confident you will love it and we strive to hear positive feedback from you! However, if you are unhappy for any reason, we will refund every dime of your payment within 30 days, except for the invoiced shipping fees. Please feel free to contact our customer care for refund or with any issues or questions.


Shipping and Handling: We offer promotional free shipping to continental USA and flat fee shipping to almost anywhere in the world. This offer cannot be combined with any other offer.

We have put years into research and development of the Nufabrx Pillowcase and we continue to strive for improvement! Please connect with us to stay on top of our exciting news and developments.

Did you know you need to replace Nufabrx Pillowcase every 4 to 6 months? Do you think you will remember? Please register and we will email you a timely reminder accompanied by a nice surprise.

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