Luxury Lotions “Secret” Ingredient

This blog is starting off a new collection of post to inform all of you about little known ingredients you may be putting on your skin Our blog and posts are simply used to inform; the choice to use these products is up to you and your skincare needs.

Have you ever found yourself religiously using high end face lotion, body cream, or lip product and find yourself not seeing results? Maybe your skin is staying dry, or perhaps its feeling a bit irritated? Or maybe it’s burning, stinging, and forming a rash? You didn’t shell out tons of money for this; you expected more from these name brands.
The cause of all of these symptoms may not be the brand itself, but lie in a simple ingredient used in both high and low end skin care. This ingredient is called lanolin. What is lanolin you ask? Lanolin is a wax that is produced and secreted sheep. Yep, sheep. Both sheep and goats secret lanolin from their sebaceous glands in order to keep their wool waterproof and protected. The lanolin is then “harvested” as tons of wool is squeezed between large rollers before being used for textiles.

Lanolin is not a fat, and it is naturally occurring. Some people find the addition of lanolin to their skin care beneficial, but irritation and allergies are more common than most think. For example, I cannot use lanolin based lip balm. My lips end up MORE chapped and dry no matter how much I put on. Unfortunately, most lip balms have the wax in them, but I have found luck with vegan versions that use plant oils and waxes instead.
Lanolin has been used for years as a “secret” ingredient in many high end creams (such as Elizabeth Arden’s 8 hour cream) but now it is found in lotions of all price ranges.

If you find yourself constantly irritated from face products, no matter how “luxurious” they are try switching to a vegan alternative, or pure face oil (jojoba, vitamin e, argon, etc). Alternatively, if you are using face oils or vegan products and finding no relief to dry skin, try a cream with a lanolin base. It’s not a bad ingredient per say, just a natural occurring wax that some skin may not be able to tolerate.
And it comes from sheep…which is kind of strange. But if it works for you, stick with it!

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