Turn Back Time

Everyone knows how good exercise is improving the health of your body, mind, and organs.. While we are supposed to get an average of 30 min to an hour of exercise a day, it isn’t always simple with our busy lives. Yet recent research findings may give us the motivation we need to start working out.

McMasters University in Ontario has found that exercise may help turn back the clock on our largest organ; our skin. In a study done first with mice then with young adults and finally with the elderly, researches found increasing weekly exercise produced healthier and younger looking skin over a three month period. Skin samples were taken from covered areas of the body to eliminate any ageing variables from sunlight exposure. After exercising at least three times a week, researchers found the participants around the age of 40’s skin sample looked similar to that of someone 10 to 20 years younger than them! Even more amazing, skin samples taken from 65+ year old after the three month period looked noticeably different while the inner layers if skin were has healthy and young as the participants 20-40 years in age. More research must be performed on a larger scale to come up with a firm conclusion. Maybe the secret to youthful glowing skin is not found in expensive creams and bottles, but instead can be achieved for free just by running around the block! Commit to bettering your body, brain, sleep quality, and now your skin by adding at least three hours of exercise per week into your life. Let us know if you see a difference in three months!


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