Spring is Here!

Warm weather, fresh flowers, and sunshine are just around the corner, but so is spring cleaning. People who love to clean are far and few, but before you start grumbling take a moment and think back to when you last sorted through and cleaned out your face and body products. Did you know every product has an expiration date? And using products past expiration decreases efficiency and could potentially cause bacterial infections or reactions? The best way to prevent this is to throw out the old products and clean everything up!

Grab a trash bag, recycling bag, and donation box and let’s get to work!

Makeup- Let’s be honest, makeup is difficult to part with. It can be expensive to purchase so you may not want to replace it as frequently. Yet makeup is one of the grossest things in your bathroom or vanity. Waxes, liquids, and gels are perfect places for bacteria to grow and thrive. Gather up your makeup and think back to when you bought each item. Powder items can last awhile, up to a few years. Take the time to examine each face powder and eye shadow you have. If the surface looks bumpy and uneven it could be because moisture got into the compact. Keep powders stored in a cool dry place (out of your bathroom or shower area), and throw away any products with moisture damage. Liquid items such as mascara and liquid liner have the shortest shelf life. When you apply these products, you are constantly dipping a wand in and out of the container pushing air and bacteria inside. Mascara and liquid liner should be tossed ever four months. Don’t worry though, these tend to dry up quickly and after four months you will probably need to replace them anyway. Liquid foundation and cream blushes can last up to two years as long as they have a pump applicator. Anything that you have to dip your fingers in to apply will grow bacteria quickly, so toss these after four months. Eye, lip, and brow pencils can last up to five years as long as you regularly sharpen them and disinfect the tip with rubbing alcohol every few weeks. Their hard wax based is not ideal for bacteria growth, and sharpening them helps to keep the surface clean. Lipstick can last up to three years, while lip glosses should be tossed after 6 months. Similar to mascara, lip gloss applicators push air and bacteria into the tube causing it to expire quicker.

Skin and Hair Care- Skin and hair care products can last longer than makeup and usual stop working before their expiration date. If your shampoo, lotions, conditioner, or face products start smelling strange or you notice a change in the consistence its probably time to throw them out. Over time the ingredients separate and break down from being exposed to light and air which makes them less effective. Store your skin and hair care items in a dark place, especially if the bottle is translucent. Keeping them out of light will help them last longer.

Sunscreen- You are in luck when it comes to sunscreen because almost every bottle will have an expiration date on it! If not, toss your sunscreen after a year or once it begins to separate. It is extremely important to throw away old sunscreen as it will no longer protect your skin from UVA and UVB rays.

After you have sorted through and thrown out, recycled, or donated old or unused products, wipe down your storage container. To make a simple all-purpose cleaner mix equal parts water to vinegar and add your favorite essential oils. Spray away and wipe clean with a microfiber cloths. Take this time to clean and disinfect your makeup tools. Rubbing alcohol can be used on all tools except for brush hairs. I like to clean my makeup brushes with a gentle baby shampoo or Dr. Bronners castile soap (from Target, Wholefoods, Sprouts). After soaping up and rinsing your brushes, hang them upside down to dry! This will keep the glue that holds the bristles together intact and preserve the shape of your brushes. Take ten minutes today and sort through your beauty stash. Parting with makeup and skincare may be difficult, but your skin will thank you! Don’t forget to replace your favorite and most used products after tossing them.

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