Nature’s Key to Clear Skin

Chemical acne treatments are harsh, harsh, harsh. Sure they have to be to fight the nasty bacteria that causes acne. But you obviously wouldn’t ingest a harmful chemical claiming to “resurface”, “peel”, or “scrub away” your skin would you? Then why are you still putting it on your skin?! When a blemish appears most people grab the nearest chemical acne product they can find – either over-the-counter or prescription. But few realize the harmful effects that can result from using the products. Until they suffer a painful or dangerous allergic reaction. These can range from rash and burns all the way to skin deformations. Oral acne medications prescribed by dermatologists can be even stronger – causing possible mood changes, internal damage and even long term organ failure. That’s pretty scary stuff. But even with all these potential dangers, peoples spend $2 billion a year to have clear skin!

Of course not everyone will suffer severe allergic reactions from topical or oral acne medications. But we need to stop dismissing the burning, redness, and irritation as “normal”. Slight discomfort we are told means that the medication is working. But those harsh chemicals also soak through your skin and get absorbed into your body. Chances are if it is causing pain when applied externally it probably is causing some damage internally. And while harsh peels and chemicals may be controlling your breakouts now it may be setting you up for future skin damage that will show up as you age.

One of the safest ways to control your breakouts is with natural treatments like as essential oils, clay masks, and loads of other antibacterial blemish-fighting ingredients found in nature.  Melaluca oil – commonly known as tea tree oil – is known for its healing properties while being antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral. Tea tree oil is ideally suited for acne on skin. Frankincense oil is also used for speedy healing and has shown effectiveness in fading acne scars. While essential oils like these and others are natural they are also very potent especially when applied directly to sensitive skin. You definitely want to dilute the essential oils before using. Take a few drops of a pure essential oil and add it to a base oil such as jojoba, coconut, or sunflower oil before applying to your skin. Did you know our Nufabrx Pillowcases are made with a blend of skin loving aroma therapeutic essential oils including tea tree oil to fight blemish- causing bacteria while you sleep? We take the all-natural route to clean skin. And you should, too.

So toss those chemical creams, washes, and lotions promising to cure your acne and replace them with more natural solutions based on your skin care needs. For more ideas for easy, at-home skin treatments, masks, washes, and lotions check out our previous blog posts on the subject.

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