Spa Days-Spa Water for Blemish Free Skin

Spa Days is a new column from Nufabrx that will offer insights on how to treat your skin wonderfully from the comfort of your own home. When your budget doesn’t call for a full day of pampering at your local Spa, you can still live a luxurious and blemish free lifestyle at a fraction of the cost.

Once a week we will offer tips that will help keep your skin blemish-free and help you maintain a clear and beautiful glow. Just follow these steps and begin to feel the benefits of luminous skin. Spa Water:

It’s summer and believe it or not hydration can have a huge impact on the way your skin looks and feels. Drinking lots of water not only keeps your skin hydrated, but also flushes blemish causing toxins from your body. Drinking nothing but plain tap water can get boring though, so for an added boost we suggest you drink that wonderful tasting water they have at your local spa.

By adding mint and cucumbers to your water you are not only helping your system flush toxins, but you’re adding essential vitamins A and C that will help keep your skin blemish free.

  1. Get a large jug, or serving craft.
  1. Fill the serving craft two thirds full with water. Tap water will work, but for added benefits use filtered water.
  1. Thinly slice an organic cucumber, so that you have 10 pieces.
  1. Add the ten pieces of cucumber to the water.
  1. Add 5 pieces of organic mint.
  1. Refrigerate for at least thirty minutes and begin enjoying.

Make sure to check back next Monday for another tip on healthy, beautiful, and blemish-free skin, and until then make everyday a Spa Day.

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