Spa Days-Coffee Body Scrub For Blemish Free Skin

Spa Days is a new column from Nufabrx that will offer insights on how to treat your skin wonderfully from the comfort of your own home. When your budget doesn’t call for a full day of pampering at your local Spa, you can still live a luxurious and blemish free lifestyle at a fraction of the cost.

Once a week we will offer tips that will help keep your skin blemish free and help you maintain a clear and beautiful glow, just follow these steps and begin to feel the benefits of luminous skin.

Coffee Body Scrub:

Most of us have had to reach for our little friend coffee when we are feeling sluggish in the morning or when we just need a boost to help us through a busy day. Coffee however is an incredible antioxidant, and has a number of medicinal benefits, including being a natural exfoliating agent.

Coffee scrubs can lead to healthy beautiful blemish free skin, and it’s a great way to invigorate your skin at home. Follow these simple steps and make sure to use all natural organic products for best results.

  1. Get your favorite blend of coffee, and remember to buy organic if you can.
  1. Put two full cups of coarsely ground coffee into a medium sized bowl. Remember if the coffee is to finely ground, it won’t have the exfoliating affects we are aiming for.
  1. Add a ½ cup of raw sugar or sea salt.
  1. Add two to three tablespoons of your favorite massage oil.
  1. Mix vigorously until you have an even texture.
  1. Take a nice warm shower to open your pores, while in the shower apply mixture to skin using a wide circular motion and moderate amount of pressure. Rinse mixture off completely.
  1. Make sure to pat dry, and for maximum results apply a small amount of your favorite skin moisturizer.
  1. Feel alive and beautiful, and have the best day ever!

Make sure to check back next Monday for another tip on healthy beautiful blemish free skin, and until then make everyday a Spa Day.

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