Boost Your Skin Health with Bamboo

There are many reasons we use bamboo in our Nufabrx pillows, but maybe you don’t know all the advantages that this super soft fabric has for your pillow and bed clothes.

The fabric has a softness and drape that feels like silk but is less expensive and more durable. It is also considered a natural anti-bacterial that does not irritate even the most sensitive skin. The bamboo plant has many qualities that have been known for thousands of years. But it is only recently that bamboo has routinely been used to create high-quality fabrics.

There is a special quality of bamboo known as “kun” that helps it fight off bacteria. The kun stops odor-producing bacteria from growing in the cloth. This makes the cloth hygienic and it remains fresher smelling longer.

It also wicks away sweat faster than cotton, helping sleepers to remain drier, cooler and more comfortable and it doesn’t stick to your skin.
There is also a quality of wrinkle-resistance to bamboo fibers that helps keep your pillow and bedclothes smooth against your skin. They wash beautifully and don’t need ironing.

One more plus for bamboo is that you can sleep soundly knowing it is a renewable resource that is farmed and grows back after it is cut. This makes bamboo a sustainable textile that does not usually need many pesticides and has a light footprint on the earth. Plantations can easily be kept organic and replanted yearly to replenish stocks. The process of making unbleached bamboo fiber is very light on chemicals that could potentially harm the environment.

And lastly, it seems that people who buy bamboo fabrics are more likely to believe that every person canmake a difference in the world. Hooray for optimism.

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