Fall Skin Care Tips

Most people are aware of ways that lounging in the sun during the summer can be tough on your skin health.  We all try to heed the warnings and slather on sun cream or use moisturizers after drying days in and out of swimming pools. But maybe you are surprised to know there are warnings about these fall months, too.

It turns out that the shorter days and cooler winds can be threats in their own ways to the protection of your hands and face especially.

Here are some tips from the American Society of Dermatologic Surgery.

1.    Switch your skin moisturizer from a lotion to a thicker cream this time of year. Thicker products protect better when cold winds blow.
2.    Apply moisturizers immediately after bathing.
3.    Protect your lips now to keep them healthy before winter arrives.
4.    Keep using sun cream. Even now, when you might be watching soccer instead of swimming, the sun can still do damage to your skin.

While you are thinking about the season change, or carving your pumpkins, you should also think about the air inside your home. Some people start using their furnaces more this time of year, and discover the indoor air may have dust, mold or other allergens floating inside it.

The most common allergens in your home are dust and the creatures known as dust mites, pet dander and irritants from cleaning products or secondhand cigarette smoke.

You can protect everyone in the house by trying to eliminate as many of these as possible. Here is an interesting photo gallery of some of the culprits.

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