Cold Weather Drying Your Skin Out?



Cold weather is here, and with it comes a change in the moisture in our skin.

Why is that you ask?

Cold temperatures coupled with low humidity draws moisture away from your skin. Mix in some strong winds outside with the dry heat indoors and you have yourself a recipe for drier, sometimes flakier, skin.

 Aside from being uncomfortable, the excess dead skin cells can clog pores and cause acne breakouts.

 To help avoid these discomforts, we’ve compiled a few ways to help combat dry skin during cooler months.

  • Use only gentle cleansers on your skin. Remember, it’s already going through a lot of harsh weather changes, and we don’t want to disrupt it anymore. 
  • This will help to remove dead skin and keep your pores more clear.
  • Use creams and moisturizers on dry patches especially at night.
  • Don’t forget the sunscreen. This just mean choosing a daily moisturizer that has sunscreen, or remembering to apply a layer of sunscreen before venturing outside. While we don’t often think of needing sunscreen in the winter, the sun is still very strong, especially when reflected off of snow. (We're loving this one!)
  • Eliminate hot showers whenever possible. The hot water strips your skin of important oils.
  • Avoid tanning beds. Tanning beds may seem like a good idea in the winter when you’re missing your summer glow, but the UV rays will dry your skin out even more. Not to mention the additional risks you face with extreme UV ray exposure.

 Trying to keep your skin healthy through winter months can be tough. Adding a pandemic, that has caused many of us to regularly wear face masks can make it that much more difficult. Fortunately, Nufabrx came out with Soliscia, a copper and shea butter infused mask that is sure to keep your skin hydrated through each use. 

soliscia shea butter infused mask


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