Compress with the Best

Compress with the Best

Compression gear is no longer just for people with blood flow problemor for top athletes. From shirts, socks, knee sleeves or shorts, you can find a compression garment for just about every area of the body. There are many great benefits that compression can provide to you from support in everyday movements, to wearing for exercise and recovery. If you suffer from any kinds of aches or pains, you can find value in compression wear!


Recovery – Compression garments are known to be great recovery product for any area of the body after a workout. They help to relieve soreness and reduce inflammation after a period of intense exertion, giving your muscles the break they need.

Moisture Wicking – If you are a long-distance runner or biker, or even just tend to sweat heavily in the gym, compression wear can help with that. The moisture wicking material removes the sweat off your body and into the fabric. This can help with chafing and allows your body to better regulate its temperature while you’re working up a sweat.


Improved Circulation – Next time you have a flight or a long day on your feet, try wearing a pair of compression socks. The improved circulation allows for increased blood flow to your legs and feet which helps with swelling and overall relief.  

Support – Many compression sleeves are worn over specific joints or muscles to provide extra support and stability to those areas in pain. Whether it be a sore knee or arthritic hands, a sleeve for that area of the body can help. Additional support can also be helpful for people who work on their feet all day.

Relief with Nufabrx

Nufabrx has created a line of medicated compression gear to give you the most pain relief possible. Our compression knee and arm sleeves, socks and gloves have capsaicin medicine infused directly into the yarn that lasts for 25 washes. Our sleeves are durable for everyday use and comfortable to wear all day long. Finally, there is a smart solution to stupid pain.

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