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Part of our core mission as a company is to make a positive impact in our community. After putting our minds together, we have produced our #NufabrxNeighborhood Initiative. Each month we will be highlighting our neighbors and sharing their stories with you.

nufabrx neighborhood

Introducing our first feature, Robert Chavis, the mastermind behind RobSnapped Productions LLC.  RobSnapped is a local emerging artist in Charlotte with a focus on photography and videography. However, Rob’s career path began in a very different industry: athletic training. Similar to many people during the Covid-19 pandemic, Rob found it was in the best interest of his family to pivot his career path and take a leap of faith driven by his true passion. And his freelance company RobSnapped emerged.

During high school and college, Rob found photography to be one of his most cherished hobbies and where he found himself spending most of his time. In March of 2020, Rob and his wife, Aaliyah, sat down to discuss the benefits and challenges that they might face when changing career paths, emphasized by the addition of their growing family and the economic uncertainty of the pandemic. Aaliyah and Rob’s unmatched teamwork led them to make the decision for Rob to pursue a new direction in his career. The next day Rob started building out a game plan of his vision to get his business up and running. With no existing portfolio and limited equipment, he got to work. Purchasing new cameras and equipment, researching photography and videography techniques, and more importantly finding subjects to build out his portfolio were his first steps. Twelve months later, he found himself with a robust portfolio, a growing presence in the community, and a thriving business.

Spending some time with Rob allowed us to understand his unique way of shooting and editing, his preferred subjects, and his future vision for his brand. Rob not only shoots all his subjects and products on his own, but he does all of the incredible editing as well. A true “one man show”. When asked how he keeps relevant in the industry, Rob described his technique as diverse, “I don’t stick to one thing, I like to have a variety and be a well-rounded business”.  Although he keeps a well-rounded portfolio by shooting lifestyle images and product imagery, his true vision and future is in videography. Rob describes videography as “the future of social media and the way to engage users”.  When it comes to the digital industry, Rob is adamant on encouraging and uplifting others in his community. He uses every opportunity as a future connection and learning lesson. In an effort to spread his reach to as many people in the area as possible, Rob reaches out directly to companies and brands via social media as well as visiting their business’ for personal introductions. He stresses the importance of showing up regardless of the fears and uncertainties of rejection. “You just have to go talk to people”. Rob’s word of advice for anyone getting started in the industry is to “go out to the jungle- utilize your connections” and “don’t be afraid of rejection, just keep creating.”

His future vision is to build out an office in the Charlotte area where people can collaborate and develop an “eco-system of creators”.  Within this office wall space, artists would share ideas and build up each other's brands.  Looking forward, Rob hopes to one day to create an editorial in a magazine and to push more into the videography world, whether he’s creating commercial content or working on set.


Rob’s daily inspiration comes from his immediate family, and his mother and all that she sacrifices she made to ensure he lead a successful life. From an artistic perspective, Rob draws his inspiration and looks up to a LA based photographer, Orin Fleurimont.  Rob has not hesitated to reach out to him for advice and feedback on his portfolio.  This has allowed him to create a mentor-like relationship with the well-known photographer, one of which Rob highly values with hopes to do the same for other emerging artists in the community one day. In addition to these motivators, he is also influenced and driven by his community. Rob highlights Black History Month’s importance and feels it in the foundation of his identity. He defines Black History as who he is. Growing up, he noticed that Black History was merely one chapter in a history book. Something he plans to rectify with his son. He has made a promise to himself to teach his son the importance of Black heritage and community.  In regards to Black History and today’s political climate, “you have to pay attention to what's going on or you’ll miss it, black history is going on every single day.” Rob stresses the importance of listening, paying attention and educating yourself and peers. 

We are extremely honored that we had the opportunity to meet with Rob and are ecstatic to see his business grow. Follow @robsnapped on Instagram. Check out his incredible work and follow along his journey.


Stay tuned for the next Nufabrx Neighborhood feature in March.



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