Tips for keeping your bump hydrated this winter!

Why is your skin drier in the winter? 

Here are the cold hard facts about dry skin in the winter (see what we did there).  

  • Low temperatures and low humidity levels result in dry air that draws moisture away from the skin
  • You can prevent dry skin by making some changes to your skincare regimen and habits by using the right products
  • People really should be moisturizing regularly all day long to avoid dry skin. But do you find that being exhausting or impractical as an expecting mom? Then we have the solution for you!  

With Nufabrx technology, we are able to infuse fabrics with different types of treatments. We are now offering Maternity products that are infused with Shea Butter which provides expecting mothers with a one-stop solution for hydrating their skin. All you have to do is wear the products and reap the hydrating benefits of shea butter all day long around your bump and hips! 

Why did we choose shea butter? 

What is Shea Butter?  

  • Shea butter is a fat that comes from the nuts of shea trees. It has been used as a cosmetic ingredient for centuries because it has high concentrations of vitamins and fatty acids. All of which make it a great product for smoothing, soothing, and conditioning your skin 
  • When you apply shea topically, these oils are rapidly absorbed into your skin. They act as a “refatting” agent, restoring lipids and rapidly creating moisture. 
  • It creates a barrier between your skin and the outside environment, holding moisture in and reducing your risk of dryness. 

Benefits of Shea Butter: 

  • It is safe for all skin types 
  • It is moisturizing and will not make your skin oily  
  • It helps promote cell regeneration 
  • It may help reduce the appearance of stretch marks, scarring, fine lines, and wrinkles 
  • It may help soothe conditions like eczema, dermatitis, and psoriasis 
  • It may help relieve arthritis pain and/or soothe muscle soreness 

Choose Nufabrx Maternity to keep your skin hydrated with ease 

We have found that Shea Butter is perfect for moms-to-be. Shea butter has soothing and anti-inflammatory properties that may help reduce the appearance of stretch marks.  

By holding moisture in your skin, your body will produce more collagen which will help make your skin more elastic. This allows your skin to stretch and bounce back to its former shape and size.   

Our Maternity line includes The Bump Leggings, The Bump Shorts, and The Compression Socks all of which can benefit anyone. These products are available for purchase now on our website -- SHOP HERE

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