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Luxury Lotions “Secret” Ingredient

This blog is starting off a new collection of post to inform all of you about little known ingredients you may be putting on your skin Our blog and posts are simply used to inform; the choice to use these products is up to you and your skincare needs. Have you ever found yourself religiously using high end face lotion, body cream, or lip product and find yourself not seeing results? Maybe your skin is staying dry, or perhaps its feeling a bit irritated? Or maybe it’s burning, stinging, and forming a rash? You didn’t shell out tons of money...

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Detox 2014

Happy New Year everyone! It’s time to get a jump start on your skin and body health for 2014. Truth is, we all most likely over indulged this holiday season with delicious baked goods and comfort foods. Now that the holidays are behind us, it’s time to get back into the swing of things and regain any energy lost during the busy season. Read on for a few detoxing spices that are sure to help your body and skin get back to normal.

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Konjac sponge: a skin care miracle? Or just a hoax?

Konjac is a plant widely known throughout Asia, but is mainly found in Japanese cuisine. Besides being edible, konjac supplements have been said to improve weight loss efforts by keeping the stomach full longer between meals. But we aren’t worried about eating konjac, we want to know about its benefits from our skin! Travel down the konjac plant to the root and there you will find the source of our topic-the konjac sponge.

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