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Maximum Strength Ankle Sleeve

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25+ Washes & 250 Hours of Use

Just Get Dressed: Nufabrx technology provides targeted, maximum strength compression support and an optimal dose of Capsaicin medicine to alleviate muscle fatigue, diminish chronic pain, and enhance performance. Our sleeves are great to wear at home, on the go, or during exercise.

Our Ankle Sleeve is designed to alleviate pain and restore mobility in the ankle and foot. Our powerful combination of compression and pain relief medicine is great for treating tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, sprains and swelling of the ankle.


  • Nufabrx Long Lasting Reusable sleeve lasts for 25+ normal home machine washes & 250 hours of use
  • Activates with skin to alleviate persistent pain in Ankle
  • High quality yarns combined with maximum strength compression
  • Optimal dosage of pain relief medicine to aid in the healing process
  • Stretching components for one size fits most
  • Sourced and made in the United States

      Disclaimer: Please consult your doctor prior to use.

      100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

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