Ankle Sleeve

Medicated Compression Technology

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Pain Relief

It’s time to stand up to stubborn foot/ankle pain and conditions like Plantar fasciitis. Our patented process embeds pain-relieving medicine directly into the fibers of compression foot/antkle socks. The active ingredients are body heat activated and provide up to 8 hours of consistent comfort. Nufabrx products are made in the USA to eliminate stinky creams, sticky sprays, and nagging aches.


Capsaicin Woven Directly Into the Fabric

Predictable, Controlled Relief

8 Hours of Consistent Comfort

Effective Through 15 Washes

Pain Medication and Compression in One


After working all day on my feet and then going straight to my daughter’s gym to help out for a week, my feet hurt like never before. The next morning, I put on the socks then got ready for work. Not even within 15 mins of wearing them my feet did not hurt at all! I honestly could have cried from the relief! Thank you, Nufabrx!

- Rosalyn C.

I have felt less foot pain and pressure allowing me to be more active.

- Lisa T.

I purchased their compression socks and whole heartedly recommend this product and this company. The product worked like a charm. I wore them on a 3-hour flight which would have caused me a great deal of muscle discomfort in my legs, but the sock and medical product did exactly as advertise. Thank you again.

- Peter G.