Brands Utilizing Nufabrx Technology

The SensationWool sock is a therapeutic sock featuring Kentwool’s signature, superfine Merino wool in combination with Capsaicin infused Nufabrx nylon and a synthetic cooling agent. 

The initial rollout SOLD OUT in seven days with a 50% upcharge on an existing product line just by the addition of Nufabrx pain relief technology and was featured in Forbes, Textile World, and Golf Week magazines.

The Venom Elbow Brace Compression Sleeve's comfortable, lightweight design designed paired perfectly with Capsaicin infused Nufabrx technology to create a product focused on the rehabilitation of joint inflammation, tendonitis, arthritis, and general pain.

The sleeves SOLD OUT online in seven days with 50% upcharge on the existing product by the addition of Nufabrx pain relief technology.

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