I founded Nufabrx to solve a great problem in my life—bad acne. As the company has grown, so too has our mission. We are no longer focused on the individual but on the greater community our business operates within. Nufabrx impacts the local environment, economy, and social network through our work, and while I wanted to solve my own problems at the start of this journey, it’s now time to focus on solving some of the great challenges facing our community. In 2021, I founded the Nufabrx EcoWarriors with the intent of weaving ESG into our core FIBERS and sending a message to our stakeholders that we will no longer take a passive approach to climate change and social justice. Over the coming months, we will be rolling thought leadership, product take back programs, and actively researching new materials to reduce the environmental impact of our products. However, to demonstrate how serious we are about ESG, we needed to go bigger and better to match our efforts on ESG with the relief our products provide our consumers. Therefore, starting in 2021, all the emissions generated from the production through end-of-life treatment of our products will be offset with carbon credits provided by our local North Carolina partners. That’s right folks, our products are going to be CARBON NEUTRAL!!! As our team of EcoWarriors lead us to greener FIBERS, we look forward to sharing our journey with all of you. 

Onwards and Upwards,

Jordan Schindler, CEO


We strive to create a workplace environment that embodies these FIBERS every day. We also recognize that without a healthy planet, we would be unable to achieve these FIBERS long-term. That is why we are committed to ensuring we do all we can to protect and preserve the planet we all call home.