We have put years into the development of our product and are quite confident you will love it! However we will happily return every dime of your payment if you do feel the need to return your Nufabrx Pillowcase within 30 days. We value you, the customer, above all else.

The Nufabrx pillowcase is queen sized + (20 x 30) and should fit just about any pillowcase!

Standard Shipping is Free! We offer the option to upgrade to Priority Shipping.

You should receive your pillowcase within 5-7 business days. However we try our best to get them to you within 4-5 business days (especially on the west coast where we are located). Those paying for the Priority Shipping option should receive their order within 3 business days.

The Nufabrx pillowcase is 220 100% bamboo Thread Count. This is the equivalent of 500+ cotton thread count! We have strategically chosen a middle ground thread count because the decreased thread count allows the bamboo fabric to remain more breathability and results in healthier, acne free skin!

We accept all major credit cards and paypal payment on our website!

You may buy the Nufabrx Pillowcase from our website under the buy now page: http://nufabrx.com/buy-now/ You can also find us in Katterman’s Pharmacy in Seattle. More vendors coming soon! Check back frequently.

While we suggest you purchase a new pillowcase after the 25 wash product lifetime (to get the full benefits of the product–and we do offer a subscription plan to send you a new one automatically), your Nufabrx pillowcase will still be a very luxurious bamboo pillowcase. It will be no different from any other pillowcase that you currently have (in fact probably softer)!

If less scent is initially preferred, wash once prior to use! If scent begins to fade, rub pillowcase together for 4-5 seconds to break the top layer of microcapsules and release more scent.

Absolutely! We know that the smell of the pillowcase may smell good enough to eat, however please refrain from ingestion! We do recommend that if you’re allergic to lavender, lemon balm, wintergreen oil or Tea Tree Oil do take caution initially upon first use. And we certainly see no problem giving one to your pet! Do what you gotta’ do!

While recommend washing you pillowcase at least once a week, even if you continue with your old washing patterns you will be much better off!

Always wash in cold water, fabric softener is not recommended. Wash on normal or delicate cycles! Do not bleach. Tumble dry on medium. Do not use dryer sheets! Avoid high heat and ironing.

The Nufabrx Pillowcase should last for up to 15 washes (depending on if proper care instructions are followed). This is about 4- 6 months longevity for the essential oils depending on how often you wash your pillowcase. We also offer a subscription based purchase plan where we will send you a new pillowcase every time your pillowcase is depleted!

Microencapsulation is a process where particles or liquids are surrounded by a coating to create a microcapsule. The coating of the microcapsule protects and gives the capsule useful qualities. As you lay on your Nufabrx Pillowcase, the pressure and heat of your body gently break the walls of the microcapsules releasing our scientifically formulated serum. Due to the controlled release of the serum, you can use your pillowcase many times and still getting the full benefit of the serum each and every time*.

The Nufabrx pillowcase is a revolutionary new product scientifically formulated to help promote blemish repair; combining an innovative bamboo pillowcase with clinically proven natural remedies.

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