Knee Sleeve

Medicated Knee Sleeve

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Pain Relief

Get up, get dressed, get better. Our patented process embeds pain-relieving medicine directly into the fibers of compression knee sleeves. The active ingredients are body heat activated and provide up to 8 hours of consistent comfort. Nufabrx products are made in the USA to eliminate stinky creams, sticky sprays, and nagging aches.


Capsaicin Woven Directly Into the Fabric

Predictable, Controlled Relief

8 Hours of Consistent Comfort

Effective Through 15 Washes

Pain Medication and Compression in One


Love my knee sleeve! I put it on 30 minutes before walking and I definitely experience less soreness afterwards. It’s comfortable, doesn’t slip, roll or stretch out.

– Stacey S.

I can definitely stand longer and have less pain and fatigue while working.

– Robert S.

This sleeve has really enabled me to continue my exercises and helps decrease my discomfort. A great product.

– Aaron