DONATE THEM to Little Dresses for Africa!

Little Dresses for Africa, a nonprofit 501c3, makes simple clothing for children and then ships those clothes to orphanages, churches and schools in Africa. Here’s how it works:

  1. Mail your used pillowcases to the following address: 

    Pillowcase Donation to Little Dresses for Africa
    P.O. Box #20523
    Seattle, WA 98102
    (be sure to include your name and email address inside the envelope)

  2. Nufabrx will provide you with a coupon code for your next order.
  3. Nufabrx will ship all pillowcases to Little Dresses on a monthly basis.

Little Dresses will transform Nufabrx Pillowcases into lovely clothes for children in need. Read more about Little Dresses by visiting their website!


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