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Hydrating Shea Butter Built-in

Each of our products is infused with shea butter lotion to keep your skin hydrated all day long.

Built to last

The built-in shea butter can withstand 15+ home machine washes. 


Nufabrx Maternity products are designed to grow with moms-to-be from the moment they find out they are pregnant to postpartum recovery.


Because with Nufabrx, our maternity products are infused with shea butter, making your life simpler. One of the biggest challenges in health and wellness is patient compliance. Often, we forget to apply a cream as directed by our doctor. We want to change that and simplify your health and wellness routine by eliminating the need to apply the shea butter lotion. Nufabrx Maternity products deliver a consistent dose of shea butter simply by getting dressed in the morning and the shea butter lasts through 15+ washes. Welcome to the future of clothing; we call it HealthWear™.  

We use a unique, patented process to infuse the yarn in the clothing with shea butter. Like a Transdermal Patch, Nufabrx products deliver ingredients directly to the body through contact with the skin. This line of products delivers moisturizing and hydrating shea butter to nourish your skin all day long. 

Yes! Every Nufabrx Maternity product is rigorously tested by our team of scientists to ensure that the shea butter transmitted during wear meets the internal specifications that have been outlined for optimal dosage. Shea butter is a homeopathic ingredient and there are no known side effects to using it to help with dry or itchy skin during pregnancy. 

Nufabrx products do not have a scent or residue feeling like when applying a traditional cream or lotion. The shea butter is embedded within the fibers of the garment, enabling us to eliminate any smell that is usually associated with creams or patches. 

Shea butter will remain in the products for 15+ home washes. But even after 15+ washes, residual amounts may remain, and of course the product can still be worn as normal leggings, shorts or socks. 

If pregnant or breast feeding, please consult a physician before using the Pain-Relieving Medicine + Compression Products. These products contain Nonivamide (aka Capsaicin) and we recommend consulting with your physician prior to use. 

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I really loved the Nufabrx shorts! They had the right amount of compression without feeling restrictive or too tight. The fabric will be perfect for when I start to round out more and feel like I have plenty of room to grow. Super soft material too!!


The overall fit was great, the belly band stayed in place the whole time, I never had to adjust it and the fit throughout the hips and legs was perfect for me. They were a little tight when I first put them on, but quickly stretched for a comfortable fit (never got too baggy though).


I am usually not a fan of compression socks, but these were comfortable and made a difference with swelling.


Absolutely love these and would wear these the most because I wear leggings every day. Very soft and comfortable to relax in or run errands. Excellent stretch and feel great on the belly.


I rode my peloton while wearing them and found them to be very comfortable and easy to move in. I would wish for slightly more compression or belly support but otherwise had no complaints!

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