Pain relief is personal.

We know how bad clothing and fabric can get. Trust us, it almost ruined high school and college.
So we re-created it.

After suffering from bad acne, a trip to the Dermatologist started the Nufabrx Journey for our Founder Jordan Schindler. Knowing the Dermatologist recommendation to wash his pillowcase 2-3 times per week was never going to happen, he set out to create a better solution. Turning a negative problem (dirt and oil building up on your sheets and fabrics), into one that could actually deliver a solution. Teaming up with expert pharmaceutical and PhD drug delivery Scientists, 7 years later Nufabrx Technology was born.

We have since expanded our team to include industry veterans on both the textile and pharmaceutical side of the equation. We are a team of PhD chemists (MIT University, University of Minnesota to name a few) and seasoned textile engineers with 40+ years’ experience working in the US industry. We are based in North Carolina, the nexus for US textiles.
Together we have committed to simplifying consumer health and wellness outcomes. No longer having to remember to take your pills, creams, apply patches or gels; JUST GET DRESSED!

Founder and CEO of Nufabrx


PhD Medical Advisor


VP Chemical Engineering