Most pregnant women are careful about what they put into their bodies—lean protein but no processed lunch meats, decaffeinated teas, plenty of fruits and veggies, a balanced prenatal vitamin—but what about what they put on their bodies?

About 50% of pregnant women experience acne during pregnancy. Hormone levels, facial oil production, stress and sleep difficulties may all contribute to acne, but skin care during pregnancy is especially crucial because chemicals are proven to pass the skin barrier. Some over the counter and prescription meds even warn of the risk of birth defects, so what is a safe option for maternity skin care?

The Nufabrx Pillowcase has been shown to reduce the bacteria P. acnes by 91.5% over a 24-hour period with our proprietary serum containing lavender, lemon balm, tea tree and wintergreen oils. Innovative nanocapsule technology embeds our specially formulated serum within the fibers of the pillowcase, and the heat and pressure of your skin releases the serum as you sleep. Our specially formulated oils clear your skin as the soothing aromas calm and relax you, so you'll sleep better too. Better sleep can also lead to clearer skin!

Try a Nufabrx Pillowcase for safe, effective skin care during pregnancy and after!

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The Nufabrx Pillowcase can lead to a blemish-free face

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