It is expected that this year over 100 million dollars will be spent on thousands of skin care solutions for acne prone skin. With all of those choices, both over the counter and prescription, how can you know what will work and what will not? Will the over the counter acne face wash cause your skin to be dry and irritated? Will the prescription strength acne remedy cause an undesirable side effect completely unrelated to your acne? Is there another option?

“My son experienced acne for about a year before we found the Nufabrx Pillowcase. It worked so well for him, I decided to try it myself! The scent helps me sleep, and my perimenopause chin breakouts have definitely improved!” —Tina R., Colorado Springs, CO

The Nufabrx Pillowcase has been shown to reduce the bacteria P. acnes by 91.5% over a 24-hour period with our proprietary serum containing lavender, lemon balm, tea tree and wintergreen oils. Innovative nanocapsule technology embeds our specially formulated treatment within the fibers of the pillowcase. The heat and pressure of your skin releases the acne fighting oils as you sleep, while the soothing aroma calms and relaxes you. Better sleep can also lead to clearer skin!

Try a Nufabrx Pillowcase and experience relief for blemish prone skin!

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The Nufabrx Pillowcase can lead to a blemish-free face

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