Fit and Breathability

Not only do Nufabrx products work, but they also fit and feel great, providing a product you actually want to use and wear, leading us towards the day when well-being is simply part of our everyday outfit.

Premium Quality

Premium yarn types for superior texture and quality fit. We ensure that all of our materials are of the highest standard. 

Active Ingredients

A proprietary biomaterial platform that embeds active ingredients into fabrics, and these active ingredients can be programmed to respond to the body for predictable, effective, and long-lasting dermal release.

Washable Properties

Up to 25 times without losing effectiveness! After that, you have a stylish yet comfortable product.

Toothbrush product

Body Activated Ingredients

  • Fiber-embedded medicine is absorbed into the body during contact with the skin.
  • Our products respond to skin temperature and moisture.
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product image

Consistent Release

  • Predictable, controlled delivery for ideal performance.
  • Even with different dosing levels and being processed through numerous wash cycles, Nufabrx consistently provides therapeutic delivery of ingredients to the body for pain relief.

Washable and Stable

  • Durable and washable up to 25 times without losing effectiveness. 
  • Advanced technology protects fibers from hydrolysis and oxidation for long-term potency.
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Why choose us?

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Made in USA

Every Nufabrx product is made here in the USA and shipped directly from our NC factory.

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Satisfaction Guarantee

Not completely satisfied with your purchase? Let us know. We will ensure that you are taken care of!

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Support 24/7

We are always available to answer questions and be of assistance to your Nufabrx experience.

It's not magic, it's innovation

we'll prove it to you!

"Fantastic product. Best gift I ever received, and now my go-to gift for friends and family!"

-Trina J. 

"It’s comfortable, doesn’t slip, roll or stretch out."

-Stacy S.