Ankle Sleeve

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Ankle Sleeve
Ankle Sleeve

Our sleek medicated Ankle sleeve provides all-day pain relief for your ankle and leg pain thanks to our Nufabrx technology featuring Capsaicin Medicine pain patch! Doctor recommended this product is machine washable with your regular laundry and the embedded medicine lasts 25 washes. 

Other Benefits:

  • No sticky goo to apply as the medicine interacts with your skin while wearing.
  • No Stinky Smell
  • All-Day Pain Relief
  • No pain pills to remember for pain relief - just wear your ankle sleeve!
  • Medicated Pain Patch lasts 25 normal home machine washes!
  • Doctor Recommended

Made in the USA 

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Disclaimer: This product makes no claims to be medical grade. Please consult your doctor prior to use