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Pain Relief Wrist Sleeve

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15+ Washes & 150 Hours of Use

Nufabrx products activate when exposed to your body temperature and skin's moisture. Our Wrist Sleeve is ideal for people who experience pain associated with Carpal Tunnel, Arthritis, or other chronic or acute injuries. Experience all day pain relief without having to reapply creams, or taking more pills.


• Lightweight and breathable Hand/Wrist Sleeve
• Comfort Fit for ease of wear on Hand/Wrist
• Compression Sleeve includes moisture-wicking material
• All-day pain relief for your Hand/Wrist
• Reusable sleeve lasts for 15 normal home machine washes & 150 hours of use
• Eliminate the need for pain pills and creams
• Made in the USA

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Disclaimer: Please consult your doctor prior to use.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed