Knee Sleeve

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Knee Sleeve
Knee Sleeve
Knee Sleeve

Pain while lifting weights or doing high intensity training? Knee swelling from all day standing? Nufabrx has the answer for you.  Imagine going to the gym and being able to lift your max PR without knee pain, or better yet, being able to roll out of bed and slip on a compression sleeve that not only helps reduce muscle inflammation but also gives you that soothing feeling.  

Nufabrx  patented technology enables us to embed long lasting Capsaicin healing ingredients directly into our fabrics.  Why is Capsaicin important to you?  It provides pain relief by increasing blood flow and blocking the brains ability to register pain in localized areas.

Need more convincing? Our technology releases the optimal dosage of Capsaicin to aid in your muscle recovery process while using quality fabrics to provide all day comfort and alleviate the frustrations of traditional pain management.


  • Capsaicin is absorbed directly into the pain area in response to direct contact with the skin
  • Capsaicin lasts for 25+ home machine washes
  • 93% Nylon & 7% Spandex to provide ease of wear and natural performance fit
  • One Size fits most utilizing stretch and flexible materials
  • Made in the US with materials sourced from the US

Disclaimer: This product makes no claims to be medical grade. Please consult your doctor prior to use. 

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

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