Simplifying Health and wellness

Imagine if improving your health and wellness was as simple as getting dressed in the morning? Welcome to HealthWear.

Nufabrx makes improving wellness possible by embedding each fiber of your garment with an optimal dose of medicinal ingredients. Upgrade your wardrobe and welcome a new way of wellness - directly in your clothing.

As Seen In

"This is a super comfortable, soft, easy to wear mask. The fabric feels good on your skin and keeps it feeling moisturized. Definitely the best mask I've worn and will continue to use every day."
"Super soft & helped with my overall skin — a must (the only mask i will ever wear!)"
"This is so much easier, and provides all day relief whenever I'm wearing the knee sleeve. Just wear it under my clothing all day, so much simpler. Still effective after a month, let's see how long this thing lasts!"

Why Nufabrx?

Developed and tested in our FDA registered facility

Manufactured entirely in the USA

Machine Washable up to 60+ times