a single fiber

infinite possibilities

when innovation

blends with comfort

Fabric that feels good | Clinically Validated

What if instead of applying a cream, pill, or patch, you only needed to get dressed?
No more messy creams and patches. No more remembering to take a pill morning, noon,
and night. Well-being is simply a part of your everyday outfit.

Active ingredients are embedded directly in the fabric. They are programmed to respond to the body
for predictable, effective, and long-lasting pain relief directly through contact with your skin. Sounds better, right?

"I was a bit skeptical of the product at first, but as I have persistent knee pain, I thought I would give it a try. I was first impressed at how well made and comfortable they are, but I was most surprised at the pain relief from them."
"I use this to run (along with their compression knee brace). The best thing about Nufabrx is that they weave topical ointments into the fabric of the sleeve. It's super comfortable, allows for movement and bending at the elbow, and it doesn't slide up my arm like other braces do during my run."
"Creams do not work. A friend told me about these compression socks and I thought I might as well try them. I have nothing to lose. They were very warm and soothed the pain right away. I have used them for weeks and they work every time."

amazing what one fiber can do

Fabrics can make or break an entire experience. We all get dressed in the morning, why not do something great for your body at the same time?

One fiber can make that difference.

Not only do Nufabrx products work, but they also fit and feel great, providing a product you actually want to use and wear, leading us towards the day when well-being is simply part of our everyday outfit.

Meet our Founder and CEO, Jordan Schindler
After suffering from bad acne, a trip to the Dermatologist started the Nufabrx Journey for our Founder Jordan Schindler. Since then, Jordan and Nufabrx have reinvented the Textile Industry with their innovative and cutting-edge technology.

Why Nufabrx?

Body Activated with Consistent Release

Washable and Stable

Comfort and Breathability

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