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Cutec Copper and Shea Butter Moisturizer

Simplifying HealthWear

We all get dressed in the morning, why not do one simple task to improve your health and wellness at the same time?

We make improving your wellness and getting rid of pain as easily as possible by embedding each fiber with an optimal dosage of medicinal ingredients. Upgrade your wardrobe and welcome a new way of wellness - directly in your clothing.

As Seen In

"Super soft & helped with my overall skin — a must (the only mask i will ever wear!)"
"I use this to run (along with their compression knee brace). The best thing about Nufabrx is that they weave topical ointments into the fabric of the sleeve. It's super comfortable, allows for movement and bending at the elbow, and it doesn't slide up my arm like other braces do during my run."
"Creams do not work. A friend told me about these compression socks and I thought I might as well try them. I have nothing to lose. They were very warm and soothed the pain right away. I have used them for weeks and they work every time."