The Nufabrx team is made up of expert scientists, textile extraordinaire, and award-winning designers. We are located in North Carolina (Conover, Asheboro, and Charlotte) and all share the common goal of making your wellness journey easier. Each Nufabrx product is manufactured and tested in our North Carolina based facility, all sourced in the USA.

noun: (Health-wear)

HealthWear is putting medicine directly into your clothing. Sounds simple right? This takes multiple scientists with PhDs and years of research to accomplish. 


Nufabrx puts active ingredients into textile fabrics, which can be programmed for controlled release to the skin.  When knitted into our products, they consistently deliver therapeutic amounts of the ingredients directly to the skin. From there, the active ingredients remain effective after multiple home machine washes.

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North Carolina is home to some of the country's oldest and most historically successful textile mills. The mills that still operate are run by the most knowledgeable textile specialists in the country. While many companies choose to outsource their production, it was important to Nufabrx to stay an American made company and to give life back to these historical mill towns. In 2017, we were excited to partner with teams in Conover and Asheboro, North Carolina. Nufabrx is proud to have small town roots and to provide countless jobs for our neighbors.


Jordan Schindler founded Nufabrx in 2011 after a trip to the dermatologist where he learned that pillowcases are one of the leading causes of acne. He was then given the recommendation to wash his pillowcase multiple times a week. As a busy college student, Jordan realized there was a need for a simpler solution. Thus, the core idea behind Nufabrx was born; embed active ingredients and medications into fabrics.
   After years of research and development, fine tuning and teaming up with a brilliant PhD formulation scientist from Minneapolis and AFFOA, Nufabrx has developed a revolutionary patented platform technology that enables us to embed active ingredients and medications into fabrics. Most importantly, we have developed our garments to provide a therapeutic amount of active even after repeated uses, wears, applications and launderings.
   Our first product was the Nufabrx Pillowcase, a bamboo pillowcase embedded with tea tree oil and lavender that released while you slept. We have since expanded our product offerings to include pain relief and shea butter moisturizer. Our goal now is to simplify drug delivery on a daily basis.

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