Giving is at Our Core

Today we want to reflect on how important it is to give back. Here at Nufabrx, we love to help the community however we can. We are shining a light on the importance of donating to those in need. At the beginning of the school year, we were presented with an opportunity to donate Theramasks and cleaning supplies through the World Vision U.S. organization. World Vision USA. Programs have worked to create environments in which all children are healthy, educated, cared for, protected, thriving, and participating in their communities.

August 19, 2021 - Hughes County Tribune, Wetmuka, OK

Pastor Derrick Scobey, in partnership with World Vision USA have distributed thousands of dollars of food products, household goods, and hygiene products to families in the Oklahoma City area. In addition, they have distributed the same to families in the historically all Black Towns of Oklahoma, and to families in Okfuskee County. This week, the organization donated protective facial masks, hygiene wipes, and other products to the educators and staff in Weleetka and Okemah school districts. The masks are Theramasks, reusable Antimicrobial Copper Mask machine washable through 60+ cycles selling for $5 per mask and hygiene wipes are for keeping classrooms safe and clean throughout this pandemic.

Shirley Nero of Clearview delivered masks and glue sticks to school officials on Monday and Okemah School drove to Oklahoma City to pick up a trailer load of wipes to distribute in the schools and commu­nity. 

Since 1981, World Vision U.S. Programs have worked to create environments in which all children are healthy, educated, cared for, protected, thriving. and participating in their communities. Their mission has led them to work in some of our nation's most vulnerable populations where poverty is high and opportunities are limited including urban, rural, migrant/immigrant, and Native American communities. World Vision U.S. Programs focuses on transforming communities in poverty toward fullness of life through the distribution of donated product (GIK), emergency and disaster relief (HEA), and educational efforts (KidREACH).

Together, they can restore hope for vulnerable children and struggling families in some of the United States' most distressed and underserved communities. With the help of others, through the Poverty in America fund. they can help U.S. families get access to essential clothing and personal hygiene items, food and clean water, school supplies. building supplies to improve housing, and relief when disaster strikes.

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