Understanding Nufabrx's In-Fabric Medication

Whether you’re looking for pain management solutions to ease chronic pain or are simply looking for new ways to boost athletic recovery, Nufabrx can help. Nufabrx offers innovative pain solutions that combine the benefits of compression with revolutionary medicine-infused fabric. 

If you’ve never heard of infused fabrics before, you might be skeptical: How exactly do these pain-relieving compression sleeves work? Why haven’t I heard of this before?

Well, there’s a good reason: Nufabrx is the only company in the world that infuses medicine into fabrics to create washable, reusable pain-relieving compression sleeves. Aptly named HealthWear®.

Read on to learn the science behind this innovative pain solution and see if Nufabrx is right for you. 

Nufabrx’s Medicated Solutions: What Makes Our Fabrics Unique?

During a trip to the dermatologist Nufabrx founder & CEO, Jordan Schindler, discovered the root cause of his chronic acne. A dirty pillowcase. While his doctor suggested he wash his pillowcase more frequently, Schindler had a different idea: If dirt and grime can build up in his pillowcase, what if active ingredients and medications could be embedded into the fabrics we use every day?

And thus, the concept behind Nufabrx was born, fabrics embedded with active ingredients, designed to deliver a continuous therapeutic dose directly into the skin. 

The Science Behind Nufabrx’s Pain Management Solutions

So how exactly do Nufabrx products offer pain relieving benefits? What is the active ingredient that provides long-lasing pain relief?

The answer: capsaicin. You’ve likely encountered capsaicin in your lifetime, though you may not have known it by name. Capsaicin is the spicy chemical found in peppers that makes them hot. In addition to its many culinary uses, capsaicin also has many health benefits.

Capsaicin is one of the active ingredients in a category of products called analgesics – products designed to offer temporary pain relief. When used for its health benefits, capsaicin is applied topically, traditionally in the form of creams, lotions, and patches, to provide relief from aches and pains associated with a wide variety of conditions.

Although these alternative solutions can all offer varying degrees of pain relief, the relief is usually temporary. Creams and lotions wear off within a few hours and must be reapplied for continuous relief. Patches typically require a doctor’s prescription and need to be reapplied regularly as well. 

Infused Fabrics with Non-Medical Grade Compression

Nufabrx HealthWear® is the only form of pain relief to infuse capsaicin directly into fabric, allowing the wearer to enjoy continuous pain relief without the need to reapply. Additionally, HealthWear® compression sleeves combine the pain-relieving effects of infused capsaicin with the benefits of compression. 

The benefits of compression wear can be experienced starting at 8-20 mmHg. This is considered non-medical grade compression. It’s strong enough to help relieve chronic pain, prevent injury, boost athletic performance, or gently support your joints after injury or surgery – but gentle enough that you don’t have to worry about overdoing it. 

Nufabrx infused fabrics are designed to offer a continuous, therapeutic dose of the capsaicin for as long as you wear the product – up to 15+ washes, or a cumulative wear time of 150+ hours.

How to Use Nufabrx’s Medicated Fabrics

Nufabrx innovative HealthWear® products provide pain relief for a variety of conditions affecting muscles and joints. Some of the known therapeutic uses of capsaicin include relief for:

  • Joint conditions, including rheumatoid arthritis (RA) and osteoarthritis
  • Muscle strains and sprains
  • Migraines, headaches, and tension headaches
  • Post-operative pain (pain from surgery)
  • Soreness or achiness from exercise or other physical activity

Currently, Nufabrx offers infused compression products for the ankle, arm, back, calf, knee, leg, neck, and wrist (see them all here). HealthWear sleeves can be worn while exercising, driving, working, or any other activity that may benefit from pain-relieving support. 

Unlike creams, lotions, or patches, the pain-relieving benefits are long-lasting and don’t require anything except wear them as intended. The infused medicine is activated upon contact and lasts for as long as you wear it. If your compression sleeve gets sweaty or dirty, feel free to throw it in the wash. The infused medicine lasts for 15+ washes for an estimated cumulative wear time of 150+ hours.

In the future, Nufabrx aims to develop more uses for this innovative fabric-infusing technology. Check out the full line of HealthWear®, and sign up for the Nufabrx newsletter to receive updates about new products!


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