Do Compression Sleeves Assist with Post-Workout Recovery?

The day or two after a workout can leave you feeling sore and fatigued. Soreness is an inevitable part of exercise – but luckily, there are things you can do to recover faster from your workouts. Compression garments, massages, proper hydration, nutrition, and getting sufficient sleep are all ways to speed up your recovery after a workout.

Four Simple Ways to Assist Post-Workout Recovery

Proper Nutrition

Food is fuel, and eating healthy, nutritious foods is essential for getting the best performance during a workout. Although it may be tempting to reward yourself after a workout with an indulgent meal, you’ll recover faster if you stick to giving your body foods that provide energy and facilitate muscle recovery – such as whey protein, black beans, chicken breast, and other nutrient-dense foods.


Adequate hydration after your exercise is also important for recovery. H2O helps to carry nutrients and oxygen to your cells and regulate your body temperature. To recover faster after your workouts, be sure to drink plenty of water before, during, and after exercise.


Another popular method for reducing soreness after a workout is getting a massage. Massages help you recover faster by increasing blood flow and delivering fresh oxygenated blood to your muscles. You can go to a spa after a workout to get a massage or use a massage gun (or just your hands) to reap the benefits of massages at home.

Compression Garments

You may have noticed compression sleeves on athletes’ arms or legs. Athletes choose to use compression garments as part of their regimens for many reasons: They can help delay muscle fatigue, improve muscular recovery, and prevent injury from unnatural movements or overextension.

Studies have shown that wearing compression sleeves after exercise can help people at all activity levels recover more efficiently from their workouts.

How do I use compression sleeves for post-workout recovery?

If you already wear compression sleeves during your workout but tend to take them off afterwards, try keeping them on for a few hours post-workout to maximize their recovery benefits.

Even if you don’t currently use compression sleeves during exercise, you can slide them on after your workout to help you recover faster.

Do I have to be a professional athlete to benefit from compression garments?

Not at all! Compression sleeves can be helpful for those at every fitness level, from people looking to ease pain associated with daily activity to athletes competing at the elite level.

Are there different types of compression sleeves?

Yes, there are a few key variables that differentiate the compression sleeves available on the market. These include:

  1. The area that the products are intended to be used – most often, arms and legs.
  2. The level of compression the garments provide. Nufabrx compression sleeves provide a light compression level designed to safely deliver the active ingredient directly into the skin.
  3. Active ingredients in the sleeves: Nufabrx sleeves are made with HealthWear® technology, a fabric we developed to be infused with pain-relieving ingredients. Currently, Nufabrx compression sleeves are infused with Capsaicin (Nonivamide), which is continually delivered into your skin as long as you wear the sleeve.

Recover Faster with Nufabrx

If you’re looking for a safe and effective way to relieve pain and recover faster, look no further. Nufabrx infused compression sleeves provide more consistent relief than typical creams and patches and work as long as you are wearing them.

Shop our complete collection of pain relieving compression sleeves today to support your post-workout recovery.


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