Say Deuces to Tennis Elbow

Not So Funny Bone

Tennis elbow? Golf elbow? Sore from something elbow? Your elbows are made up of bones, tendons, ligaments and muscles all working together to help you with your everyday activities. Unless you suffer from elbow pain, you may not give much thought to that area of your arm and everything it does for you.

 Why Is My Elbow So Sore?

The elbow allows your arm to hinge so you can do a biceps curl, take a bite of pasta, or even get dressed in the morning.  Although elbow pain is commonly known as tennis elbow\ not only tennis players suffer. Golfers, baseball players, bowlers, painters or anyone who is using recurring arm and elbow movements are at risk of developing lateral epicondylitis. These repetitive movements eventually cause the tendons connecting the elbow bones to wear down and become inflamed, leading to tendonitis. Other elbow injuries, such as a fracture or dislocation, can leave you with long lasting elbow pain. A fracture occurs when one of the elbow bones actually breaks, while a dislocation is a bone getting knocked out of place.

Finding Relief

For the less serious injuries, usually some rest, stretching and self-care can get you feeling better.  Anti-inflammatory medications, like ibuprofen, and icing the elbow can usually help to reduce swelling and pain. If possible, try to take a break from whatever activity is causing you pain. If this is not a possible solution, due to it being your job, etc., consider an elbow compression sleeve to help ease your suffering. While this will not treat the injury, it will help relieve the symptoms and make you feel better.

An elbow compression sleeve can provide support while still giving you full range of motion to continue with your day. The compression helps to stabilize your muscles and increase blood flow, which will help with swelling and inflammation. Nufabrx medicated arm sleeves are light-weight material of nylon and spandex and comfortable enough to wear all day. With capsaicin infused medication, it is great to wear whenever you are experiencing pain and during recovery.  The pain relief medication lasts for 25 washes, giving you long-lasting relief. Our patented delivery system offers you the perfect solution to not worry about pills or sticky creams anymore, simply get dressed and get going!

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