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New Maximum Strength Pain Relief + Compression– Now Available on Target.com!  

Nufabrx now at Target.com


We have extended our best-selling Pain Relief + Compression line by adding a Maximum Strength tier! Our new Maximum Strength product line includes sleeves for the wrist, calf, knee, and lower leg and can be purchased now– only on Target.com. 

You already know Nufabrx for our patented and groundbreaking infused fabrics. Our existing Pain Relief + Compression products feature the powerful combination of compression and pain relief medicine. These compression sleeves are designed to increase blood flow and block the brain’s ability to register pain signals throughout the body – a one-step solution to pain relief. 


How could they get any better?  

Our new Maximum Strength Pain Relief + Compression products have several factors that set them a tier above our Everyday Strength products.  These sleeves are infused with a higher dose of Capsaicin pain relief medicine so that the relief lasts longer and through more washes– 250 hours and 25+ washes to be exact. These new sleeves also offer stronger, more targeted compression for all-day support, while remaining lightweight, breathable, and moisture wicking. You will also notice a new sewn-in Nufabrx logo and a sleeker look overall. Additionally, the Lower Leg and Knee Sleeves offer multiple sizes to provide a more custom fit.  

OurPain Relief + Compression line aims to optimize the natural healing process by providing support and pain relief together in a sleeve. Our goal is to reduce muscle fatigue, diminish chronic pain, and enhance performance. If you have enjoyed our Pain Relief products in the past, we know that you will love the benefits of our Maximum Strength line. Head over to Target.com to buy now! 


Nufabrx now at Target.com

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