Heavyweight Team-Up

CONOVER, N.C., Feb. 11, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- CopperGel and nufabrx® announced today a partnership to create a ground-breaking line of pain relief, copper infused clothing that is shaking up the apparel industry and the retail shelf. No longer does a knee sleeve or pair of socks need to underperform. Building on a long-standing commitment to drug delivery innovation, nufabrx® is the next generation of technology that enables clothing to actively sooth pain.

Nufabrx® patented technology optimizes textile materials with active ingredients at the yarn level in order to maximize their potential, creating a new type of product category: Health Wear. The infused fabrics, inclusive of compression socks, knee, arm sleeves and more, respond to the body's temperature and moisture, allowing consumers to benefit from a consistent, all day release of Capsaicin medication and copper into the skin. This provides predictable, effective and long-lasting pain relief at the point of contact up to 25 machine washes and months of wear.

CopperGel's line of OTC products are FDA registered and proven to knock out pain; treating arthritis, joint and muscle pain. Copper has natural antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties that have been used for centuries for healing, making their line of products effective for pain relief. When coupled with nufabrx® technology, consumers receive the added benefit of an all- day consistent release.

Mike Tyson has had his fair share of injuries throughout the years and believes that this is the technology of the future. "After all the pain I've endured in my life, this is an easy way to knockout the pain simply by getting dressed in the morning," said Mike who along with Rob Hickman founded The Ranch Companies.

Now, achieving overall health and wellness will be simplified by replacing the hassle and cost of using pain medications, patches or creams, with clothing that actually benefits one's body. According to a 2017 study from Kantar Futures, 75% of adults fail to maintain their health directions, whether that is applying a cream or taking their medication.

This new product line will include copper knee sleeves, arm sleeves and compression socks. "We believe clothing will start to care for your body in entirely new ways. We see the day when well-being is simply part of our everyday outfit. Rather than applying a cream, taking a pill or using a patch, you'll only need to get dressed in CopperGel's new line of garments. We love the idea of offering that '1-2 punch'" said Nufabrx Chief Executive Officer, Jordan Schindler.

"Our partnership with nufabrx® enables us to extend CopperGel's pain relief family of products by leveraging this patented biomaterial technology to deliver CopperGel's pain relieving ingredients throughout the entire day," said Steven Krane, President of CopperGel, of the seamless partnership among both brands.

This collaboration and expanded product portfolio is scheduled to launch March 31st. More information on preordering can be found at nufabrx.com/CopperGel.

About CopperGel
CopperGel is a wholly owned division of The Ranch Companies. CopperGel features the powerful benefits of Copper in its proprietary pain relief formulations. The company boasts a roster of world-class athletes like Mike Tyson, Brian Shaw, 4 x World's Strongest Man and MMA superstars Cody Garbrant, Fabricio Werdum and Urijah Faber, who are no strangers to pain and can validate the pain relief of CopperGel products. The Company sells its products in the US and internationally. For more information on CopperGel, please visit https://www.coppergel.com.

About Nufabrx®
Founded in 2011, nufabrx® was created by founder and CEO Jordan Schindler after discovering his pillowcase was contributing to his acne. Teaming up with MIT scientists, Jordan spent seven years developing proprietary technology to embed active ingredients into yarn itself to make medicinal application easier and more efficient. The patented platform offers the next generation of drug delivery; controlled release of the active ingredients into the skin and is proven effective for up to 25 machine wash cycles. Nufabrx envisions the next generation of fabric technologies will enable clothing to actively sooth pain, help users fall asleep faster and even help combat cellulite. For more information visit https://www.Nufabrx.com.

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