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The degree to which people recycle varies widely from recycling plastic to upcycling materials around the house.  It’s safe to say that everyone has heard about the importance of doing their part in helping to preserve our delicate environment.  Some brands are making a concerted effort in helping to save the planet and consumers are taking notice by patronizing brands that align with their values.

NUFABRX is a true state-of-the-art, revolutionary, patented HealthWear™ collection created by award-winning designers and masterful scientists that infuses active ingredients into textile fabrics for a programmed time-release delivery to the skin. HealthWear™, pioneered by NUFABRXâ, is a brand-new technology that integrates pain medication and textiles to create wearable pieces to heal aches and pains on the go.  The collection enables clothing to enhance patient compliance with medications, actively soothe painful muscles, repair skin, or enhance athletic performance by improving recovery and contributing to better rest.

A Team of Eco Warriors

NUFABRXâ is environmentally friendly and the brand believes in sustainability. The company has purchased offsets to produce zero emissions from Material Procurement to End of Life.  Being friendly to the environment is just as important as offering pain relief in the most advanced way possible.


According to a recent article in, “Sustainable clothing matters on a number of levels, but perhaps most notably is how it protects the earth and its resources. Creating sustainable garments avoids the use of carcinogens, toxins, and other harmful chemicals or pollutants, and supports a dramatic reduction in water consumption and waste production (as compared to the fast fashion industry).”  NUFABRXâ is getting noticed and receiving accolades by creating a new category called HealthWear™ while setting the standard in eco-friendly manufacturing.

“We are confident that, when given a choice, people will choose the sustainable, climate-friendly brand on Earth Day and every day.  We have successfully filled a void in the marketplace by creating ingredient impregnated textiles which does away with the need for purchasing compression sleeves and active ingredients separately. We are going to great lengths to cut down on components, packaging, and offsetting our carbon footprint which is critical to our team and to the planet,” says Jordan Schindler, Founder & CEO.

NUFABRXâ will continue to pave the way in bringing HealthWear™ to the forefront of pain management while caring for our planet in the most respectful way.

Who We Are

Jordan Schindler founded NUFABRXâ in 2011 after a trip to the dermatologist where he learned that pillowcases are one of the leading causes of acne.  He was then given the recommendation to wash his pillowcase multiple times a week.  As a busy college student, Jordan realized there was a need for a simpler solution.  Thus, the core idea behind NUFBRXâ was born; embed active ingredients and medications into fabrics.  After years of research and development, fine-tuning, and teaming up with a brilliant PhD formulation scientist from Minneapolis and AFFOA, NUFBRXâ has developed a revolutionary patented platform technology that enables us to embed active ingredients and medications into fabrics called HealthWear™.  Most importantly, we have developed our garments to provide a therapeutic amount of active ingredients even after repeated uses wear, applications, and launderings.  Our first product was the NUFABRXâ Pillowcase, a bamboo pillowcase embedded with tea tree and lavender that released while you slept.  We have since expanded our product offerings to include pain-relieving compression sleeves and maternity products infused with shea butter.  Our goal now is to simplify drug delivery daily.

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