Life With Chronic Pain

Chronic pain comes in many forms and can present itself in various parts of the body. Two of the most common forms are Arthritis and Tendonitis.


Arthritis is one of the leading forms of chronic pain. There are over 100 different types of arthritis ranging from autoimmune diseases to normal joint inflammation. 



Tendonitis is when a tendon, the connective tissues between your muscles and bones, becomes inflamed or irritated. This can happen to any tendon in the body but we often see it around shoulders, elbows, wrists, knees, and heels. It typically occurs because of overuse or repetitions of a particular movement overtime. 

Common names for various tendonitis:  

The symptoms can include:  


Nearly 3% of the U.S. population is affected by tendonitis. Anyone can get tendonitis but it is most common for those over the age o 40. Overtime tendons become less flexible and less elastic making them more susceptible to injury.


Our Mission


Nufabrx is on a #HealthWear Revolution. We want to refine consumer behavior as it pertains to pain relief, and other medical treatments. Pain impacts many people around the world which affects many other aspects of their lives. Pain starts on the physical level but can progress to emotional, financial, occupational and ultimately relationships with people they care about.  

Our Products 

We have created a line of Pain Relief Medicine + Compression Sleeves that are designed to bring you all day relief. We currently offer six different products for various parts of the body with a plan to launch more products in early 2022. 

Our products are activated by the body’s temperature and moisture. When the compression sleeve make contact with your skin, the active pain relief ingredient is absorbed into the body safely, effectively, and consistently. For up to 250+ hours, and over 25 home machine washes. 

We are changing the way people take their medications, by putting them directly in their clothing. This is #HealthWear! 

To learn more about our technology click here: 

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