Carpal Tunnel: What You Need to Know

Wave Carpal Tunnel Goodbye

 In an age where computers rule and cell phones are practically glued to our hands, carpal tunnel syndrome has become one of the most common nerve disorders in America. From constant typing, texting, and straining our hands taking pictures, you may begin to experience a tingling pain or numbness in your hand from the effects of carpal tunnel syndrome.


What is It?

Your carpal tunnel is a small passageway spreads across your wrist, protecting the median nerve. That nerve runs from your wrist down to your thumb and 3 long fingers and controls movements of the hand. When the median nerve is pinched or irritated, you feel the effects in your fingers except the pinky! Carpal tunnel syndrome occurs when the tendons and tissues surrounding the median nerve are irritated and swell, putting pressure on the nerve. This extra pressure results in the pain and numbness in the hand.




Taking too many selfies or typing all day on your computer could actually be causing you to develop carpal tunnel! While there are many risk factors, a main one today is from repetitive hand and wrist movements. Recurring motions over a long period of time could be straining those areas of the wrist and be a sign that you need rest or extra support. This is a condition that can be easily treated if dealt with early enough, but can have severe consequences if left alone.



If you cannot rest your wrist the way it needs, make sure you are providing additional support to help relieve the pressure being applied. Anti-inflammatory medication can also assist in reducing the inflammation going on and let you find relief. Check the way you are falling asleep! Sometimes you may be positioning your wrist it in a way that is adding more strain than necessary. Nufabrx gloves and wrist sleeves combine capsaicin medication and compression to support your wrist and fingers while also providing pain relief. Capsaicin aids in inflammation which helps to reduce swelling. If you are experiencing any wrist or hand pain, try Nufabrx and wave the pain away.

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