What are Medical Compression Sleeves For?

Not all compression sleeves are the same. Compression sleeves are designed to provide different levels of compression for different purposes, and it’s important to choose the appropriate compression level for your needs. Do you know what kind of compression wear you need?

Compression levels are measured in millimeters of mercury (mmHg). For example, medical-grade compression begins at 20 mmHg and goes up to 40+ mmHg. Medical compression sleeves are used for treating medical conditions. These conditions include those like severe edema, lymphedema, and deep vein thrombosis (DVT). Designed with higher levels of compression, medical compression sleeves are meant to be worn for shorter periods of time and normally include a doctor’s direction.

But, what about folks who want the benefits of compression therapy, but don’t require medical-grade compression levels? Does it even matter? Actually, it does matter! Remember, different levels of compression serve different purposes – and compression sleeves with mild, non-medical grade compression (below 20 mmHg) are great for relieving chronic pain and reducing stress on the body. Additionally, unlike medical compression sleeves, non-medical-grade compression levels are safe to wear for longer periods of time.

Are you looking for serious pain relief, but don’t necessarily need (or want) medical-grade compression? Keep reading: it’s about to get exciting.

A Whole New Category of Compression Wear

Nufabrx has developed a way to maximize the pain-relieving power of compression: infuse compression sleeves with health-promoting medicine.

Here’s everything you need to know about this revolutionary collection of products.

How Nufabrx Compression Sleeves Work

Nufabrx HealthWear® provides a compression level of 15-20 mmHg. This is not medical-grade compression; instead, our sleeves provide medicine-infused compression. Ours is the first line of products to combine the health-promoting benefits of compression with the added bonus of contact-activated medicine. Nufabrx offers an extensive variety of products, each specifically designed to provide pain relief and support to a specific area of the body. Currently, Nufabrx offers medicine-infused compression wear for the following:

When you wear a Nufabrx compression sleeve, your body heat and moisture activate the active ingredient, a synthetic form of capsaicin (Nonivamide), and deliver it to your body through your skin. Some users feel a warm sensation as the capsaicin begins to work. This patented technology allows the skin to absorb the active ingredient safely and consistently, offering longer-lasting relief than typical patches or creams.

We've engineered our products to protect the infused fibers from hydrolysis and oxidation. So unlike patches or creams, which you must consistently reapply for pain relief, Nufabrx medicine-infused compression sleeves deliver the medicine for as long as you wear them, for up to 150+ hours of pain relief.

What Pain Conditions Do Our Compression Sleeves Alleviate?

We designed the Nufabrx HealthWear® medicine-infused compression products with non-medical-grade compression of 15-20 mmHg because that is the optimum compression level for delivering infused medicine. The combination of gentle compression and contact-infused medication is effective for alleviating pain from a variety of conditions.

There are many reasons you might choose to wear a Nufabrx compression sleeve:

You'll notice that while many of these reasons relate to treating chronic or acute pain, the list also includes preventative reasons to wear compression sleeves. For example, athletes looking to prevent injury, reduce muscular fatigue, boost performance, or recover faster from their workouts often reach for compression sleeves to achieve their fitness goals.

What Are Our Compression Sleeves Made Of?

Non-medical-grade compression sleeves should offer a snug, compressive fit while providing sufficient flexibility and breathability for comfortable long-term wear.

We've crafted our Nufabrx HealthWear® medicine-infused compression sleeves with nylon and spandex for the optimum combination of support and flexibility.

Can You Wash Medicine-Infused Compression Sleeves?

Since you can wear our compression sleeves before, during, and after activity, it's likely that you will sweat in them and want to wash them from time to time.

Luckily, we designed Nufabrx Healthwear® with this in mind, engineering the medicine-infused fibers to withstand sweat and regular laundering. In fact, our extensive testing has shown that the active ingredients in our compression sleeves can be delivered in sufficient amount into skin to provide efficacy up to 15 or more washes. (And, even after the medication has worn off, the benefit of gentle compression remains.)

What Differentiates Nufabrx Compression Sleeves From Other Compression Sleeves?

Nufabrx HealthWear® is the only compression wear on the market that combines the benefits of compression with the pain-relieving benefits of capsaicin. In addition, since our sleeves offer below-medical-grade compression, they are gentle enough for long-term, daily use.

What Are Other Uses of Medicine-Infused Fabrics?

Currently, Nufabrx HealthWear® technology focuses on infusing capsaicin in compression sleeves. However, the possibilities of medicine-infused fabrics are endless. Nufabrx's scientists are actively working on new applications of this clinically tested, FDA-compliant, patented technology – compression sleeves are just the beginning.

Shop the entire collection at Nufabrx.com.

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